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New York: 20th American Lindy Hop Championships

October 26, 2017 at National Black Theatre of Harlem in New York.


This year’s American Lindy Hop Championships will be held in Harlem, New York, New York. To help our 20th anniversary, we are offering a festival of places and events centered around the Lindy Hop’s birthplace. We have planned classes; Lindy, tap & Jazz and youth workshops; talks; films; discussions; tours; dances; and, dance contests.

Teachers this year include Catrine Ljunggren, Nathan Bugh and Gaby Cook, Chester Whitmore, Moncell Durden, Minn and Stefanie Vo, Paulette Brockington, Rafal Pustelny and Valerie Salstrom, Samuel Coleman and Benjamin Ricard.

Our special guests include Sugar Sullivan, Norma MIller, Barbara Billups, Crystal Johnson, Sonny Allen with others to be anounced.

Full weekend passes include your choice of all classes, all dances plus performance and contest viewing and participation in the contests of your choice. Weekend passes do not include meals, tours or outside activities. Please be aware that spaces are limited. Passes, if available, will be priced higher at the door. When choosing your weekend pass please select either the Lindy lead or Follower, Tap & Jazz or Junior Lead / Follow Workshop.

Lindy Workshop
The Lindy Hop is a rhythmical, partnered jazz dance created by dancers inspired by musicians who were inspired by dancers who inspired other dancers in the ballrooms of Harlem from 1927 starting with the breakaway through to the invention of rock and roll in the 1950s and early 1960s. The dance has a traditional lead and follow structure, but has an endless number of amalgamations and individual stylings. The Lindy Hop can be danced to all kind of tempi, offers both closed and open patterns, solo steps, and an occasional air step. Musicality plays a key element of the dance which allows it to adapt between musical styles. This workshop will offer all levels of classes.

Tap & Jazz Workshop
Jazz is a general term that can refer to any vernacular dance from the Cake Walk dances to post WWII material linked with be-bop to rhythm & blues to Hip Hop. It often refers to dancing without a partner rather than dancing with a partner. It can be improvised or done in routines like the Shim Sham, Big Apple, Tranky Doo & others. These classes have been combined with Tap. Tap is a percussive dance based on rhythm, timing and balance. This workshop with offer all levels of classes.

Junior Workshop
The Junior Workshop will offer classes in both Lindy and Jazz. Classes are design with those aged 10-18 in mind.

Fpr those dancers not interested in classes ALHC has the All Dances Pass. It is $125 and begins on with Thursday’s dance, October 26 and ends with Sunday evening’s dance. That’s 6 dances in total. This pass is $135 a the door. Individual party tickets go on sale August 1. Dances are $25 in advance. Friday and saturdat=y dances are $35 at the door.

Groups please contact us for discount information.

We are planning a Sunday, October 29 brunch dance. Once that price point has been determined it will be anounced. Please free to check back here for information on Harlem history/dance tours. Once the contest info page for updated info on contests. See division guidelines at http://artspectrum.org/contest_info.htm. Enter contests at http://2017contestentry.eventbrite.com.

More info to come.

Address: 2031 5th Ave, New York
20th American Lindy Hop Championships

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