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August 05, 2017 at Shelter Island Historical Society in Shelter Island.


Tour will begin at Havens Barn, 16 South Ferry Road (Route 114).

We invite you to join us inside five fabulous houses which present choices” ranging from relatively minor to radical change:
• 230 years of incremental change in a house owned for many years by an architectural historian and more recently by an archeologist and lawyer/designer. The owners of this “brother” to the Havens House expose the bare bones and adapt to modern living in an historical gem featured in a recent Wall Street Journal article.
• Two houses that illustrate the possibility of totally re-envisioning house and property. A formal Tudor style house with a five-car garage (built by a Lincoln/Mercury dealer) on a bluff overlooking Dering Harbor. Current owners—an architect and an art historian–have remade it into a relaxed summer home through extensive renovation including repurposing driveway as patio.
• A small 1960s ranch house whose graphic designer owner has made into a monument to Art Deco, both inside and out. Steamship smokestack replaces chimney, second floor provides living area and more space for her fabulous collection of Deco furnishings and art. She aptly describes her house as an “ocean liner.”
• Two houses that rebuild the old as new. First view of the rebuilt “Dering Farm.” The owners of this venerable island property lived in their house for ten years before deciding, together with their local architect, to totally rebuild, drawing upon original plans and salvaged materials that show its provenance and celebrate its history.
• An award-winning local architect/design team has taken another approach to “living with history.” They combine pre-existing buildings—a one-room 1920s cottage—with a contemporary indoor/outdoor living area, to create a “new” house featured in Hamptons Cottages & Gardens (HC&G).

Tickets are $40.00 per person and can be purchased at www.shelterislandhistorical.org/shelterislandhousetour

Buttercup Farm & Garden, Inc.
Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty
McMann-Price Agency
Robert Reylek, Inc.
Springer Property Management

Address: 16 South Ferry Road, PO Box 847, Shelter Island
Shelter Island House Tour: Living with History/Making Choices

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