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July 19, 2015 at Saratoga Springs Public Library in Saratoga Springs.

Over the past few months, MoveOn and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich have released a series of “Big Picturevideos featuring commonsense, game-changing ideas to save our economy.

They cover a wide range of issues, from making polluters pay for poisoning our air and water to ending mass incarceration to busting up the big banks to enacting a host of educational reforms. Millions of people have viewed them, and they’ve been shared tens of thousands of times.

But that’s not enough! We need to extend the reach of these videos and make sure folks across the nation have access to their big, economy-saving ideas.

That’s why, on July 18 and 19, MoveOn members around the country will gather in homes, libraries, and community centers to host Teach-ins to Save the Economy. These teach-ins will be simple to host and a great way to connect with local friends and neighbors.

Address: 49 Henry St, Saratoga Springs
Teach-In to Save the Economy with Robert Reich

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