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August 22, 2015 at Martial Arts America in Rochester.

Improve your karate skills with the knowledge and drills being taught in this very special seminar with Sensei Joe Swift. Sensei Swift lives in Japan and has had extensive karate training in various martial arts. He hold high ranks in Shorei ryu, Sakon-ryu and RyuKyu Kobudo (Okinawan martial arts weapons).

This seminar will sharpen your understanding and performance of Okinawan karate, including stance training, striking and kicking skills along with practical self defense combinations.

In addition to his study of the technical theories of karate and kobudo, Swift also researches the history and evolution of the Okinawan martial arts, and also translates old and rare texts to English.

Publications translated by Joe Swift:
* “100 Masters of Okinawa Karate“ by Hokama Tetsuhiro
* “Timeline of Karate History“ by Hokama Tetsuhiro
* “The Secret Royal Martial Arts of Ryukyu” by Matsuo Kanenori Sakon

For teens and adults of all ranks (as well as junior black belts).

Wear full gi

$30 seminar fee if registered by 8/15/15
$40 at the door

Address: 3450 Winton Pl, Rochester
Okinawan Karate Training Seminar

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