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December 10, 2016 at The Dolphin Bookshop & Cafe in Port Washington.


(MOSTLY) TRUE THINGS is a game wrapped in a storytelling show, featuring true stories told by people drawn from the fantastic pool of Moth-winning, comedy-wrangling, heartstrings-pulling storytellers in the New York area.
The game is this: one storyteller tells the unvarnished truth, the other 3 include carefully-crafted little white lies. The audience gets to question the storytellers, who can improvise their responses. then vote for the person they think told it straight. With some improvised story-inspired music and songs written for the show by host/creator Jude Treder-Wolff and Wells Hanley. There are prizes involved, if you can believe a thing like that.
Mel Dockery, who has been featured on The Moth Radio Hour on NPR, the RISK! podcast, and in storytelling shows all over New York, including Talk Therapy, Take Two Storytelling, Look Who’s Talking, and Tell-It Brooklyn;
Vernon Payne, a comedian from Brooklyn who performs at clubs all over the city and the northeast. He is currently performing his solo storytelling show Teenage Love at The Experimental Gallery in Brooklyn.
Julie Good-Kruger is owner of Inglenook Tile Design in Quarryvile, PA. She has been a professional doll designer and is a sculptor and writer.
Robin Bady, who hosts Bady Storytelling Shows at her home in Brooklyn, has been a professional storyteller for 20 years, performing at shows and events around the country. in 2012 she was awarded the J.J. Reneaux Emerging Artist Grant.

Host/Creator Jude Treder-Wolff is a writer/performer and singer/songwriter who is active in the vibrant New York storytelling scene. She has been featured in Talk Therapy, Take Two Storytelling, RISK! live show and podcast, Now You’re Talking and her solo storytelling show Crazytown: my first psychopath was a featured selection for the 2013 Midtown International Theater Festival, the 2012 San Francisco and Chicago Fringe Festivals, had a successful run at The Actors Theater Workshop in NY, and performed at The Pit, The Charles B. Wang Center at Stonybrook University, The Examined Life Conference in Iowa City, IA and The Conservatory NJ. With composer Wells Hanley she writes original songs to set up each stage of the game in the show.

Address: 299 Main St, Port Washington
Mostly True Things Storytelling Show

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