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August 14, 2015 at Happy Fun Hideaway in New York.

Frito Pie + Divie Sensibility + Cheap Drinks + Good People = HAPPY FUN HIDEAWAY.

Not every night has to be a turn up. We offer all options here. You can chill and play board games with friends or you can get blasted and dance the night away.

Good people wanting to listen to good music.

DJ Cherry Poppins
David John Sokolowski

Hannah Lou


Matty, Cartel & Simon behind the bar

1211 Myrtle Ave, BK
JMZ to Myrtle/Broadway

The main space is on the ground level, though some spaces are quite narrow. Bathrooms are accessible by wheelchair. Basement requires to walk down a full flight of stairs.

Address: 1211 Myrtle Ave, New York

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