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February 10, 2017 at Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) in New York.


325 East 110th Street (between 1st and 2nd Ave)
New York, NY

1) WE WILL EXPOSE MASSIVE CORRUPTION at the highest level of this system that will result in an arrest (if justice be done) THAT NIGHT – COME AND JOIN US FOR THIS EXTREMELY HISTORIC NIGHT.
2) MONEY is the root cause of why animals die at NY ACC – we will expose this – its time to end the “three families of rescue” in NYC. Winograd called it that – ASPCA, NY-ACC and Mayors Alliance (NOT the rescues people except a small few) but the system needs to come tumbling down. Rome fell didn’t it!
3) OPEN BID – After years and years of study and research and solid investigative work, our group is the ONLY GROUP that recognizes the need for a new nonprofit to take over this corrupt system. WE MUST DEMAND IT.

COME OUT WITH US! WE WILL INFORM THE PRESS OF OUR NEW FINDINGS AND HOPE THEY WILL BE THERE OR they will just have to find out from our video that we will produce. Criminal complaints have been filed and will be given out at the protest.

#sleepoutforanimals Yes we are sleeping out in winter because their lives matter that much. If you CANNOT take the plunge in winter with us, then STOP BY and be in the video. You have SEEN how powerful our videos have been and how far they go. Come and make a strong statement for them again and again.

My friends,
After six years of our campaign we now enter into the seventh year. We have accomplished much but we are not near where we need to be.

1) We started this campaign against New York Animal Control and have raised awareness for thousands of people.
2) We hosted the largest protest for animals with 300 confirmed attendees in 2014 and we must take our campaign to a new level in 2017.
2) We have hosted protests back to back for six years and they have heard us. The shelters are slated to be built in Queens and the Bronx but we cannot wait – we must hold them to their word.
3) The disease continues to be rampant in Manhattan and Brooklyn. This must be addressed and we have a plan to deal with it.
4) We are the only organization that demands an OPEN BID – state legislation to open up a contract for animal control to an entirely new entity.
5) Our criminal complaints for lack of vetting and corruption with their respective lawsuits are our top priorty for 2017. Lawsuits for wrongful death of a dog and NYCHA are ready to go as well.
6) Our new 501c3 and trademark are pending for 2017 with a new identity that has evolved more appropriately into what it is today and it is so exciting.
7) Meanwhile almost 100 dogs and probably twice that number cats were killed in November. We cannot stand by and allow the killing to continue without protest.

Please call with any questions, ideas and support.

Best regards,
Kate Riviello
(845) 856-7366

Address: 326 East 110th Street, New York
New York ACC Protest - Build True No Kill Shelters

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