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January 25, 2017 at The Half Moon in Hudson.


Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley

Wake up! 2017 is coming – and you’re behind already. The New Year promises great awake-dreams right out the gate; witness The Tim and Cate Show, in 19 cities spread across our brave new country! Yes. Following their respective 2016 solo records (The WiNK and Crab Day – respectively!), Cate Le Bon and Tim Presley announce a co-headlining tour to bring their many great solo songs to life in a social eye. And speaking of to life (and to eye):

The video for “Long Bow”, directed by Guy Kozak, makes flesh and public a highlight of Tim Presley’s just-released The WiNK, with a fun and freaky warp-time scenario. Here, the burnt-eye struggles scribbled within the song (“if you can’t sleep/then how will you dream….now you peep the streets/because your bed is on fire”) are mouthed by seniors in the park, with the agony and ecstasy of their yesteryear now but a gentle recollection recalled with deft rock and roll muscle memory. Who even cares if there’s a scamp hidden in the brush out there, willing to hack their song and call it back for re-grooving…let it all come back to life!

Tim Presley

Cate Le Bon


Address: 44 S Front St, Hudson
Cate Le Bon / Tim Presley

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