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June 24, 2016 at Peaceful Valley Campsite in Downsville.


Since 2009, JetLAG Festival has been a yearly family reunion of the Russian-American/ex-pat/Jew(ish)/weird/hippie/freak diaspora, but in the last few years, the festival has radically grown in size and blossomed into a culturally dazzling event. In 2010, a small camp called “Burning Man Camp” planted a seed, which grew over the years into “Wonderland”, a huge interactive island space where participants can play, practice yoga and meditation, explore and create music, participate in workshops, and create art. The main goal of Burning Man Camp and Wonderland was to create a unified experience aimed to inspire creativity, elevate consciousness and bring peace. This year, Wonderland is shapeshifting into a new creative zone, called PANGEA! Run by a new group of young and inspirational volunteers, it preserves much of it’s spirit with some new additions!

۞ What is PANGEA? ۞
Pangea’s vision is to create a space where people can work together to create their own mutual experience. We’ll have old-time Wonderland favorites, like the Chai Lounge, Fire-Spinners, DJ sets, and the Caterpillar Lounge (you know, that giant glowing mushroom you sat under?). This year, we are also introducing new events, such as live musical performances from up and coming bands, new workshops, and a story-telling party!

In the spirit of creating one’s own experience, we’re also restructuring our volunteer network, so that YOU can get involved in making this happen! If you want to run your own workshop, event, or performance on the PANGEA super-island, or just lend us a helping hand in setting up and maintaining the space, check our participation links here:

In three days on the Pangea island, there will be lots of great events to take part in, workshops to learn from, and games to play!
From lounges, to yoga, you will find what you love, and love what you find!

✷Tea Lounge✷
Sit down, and take a sip of a hot cup of Chai in our annual Tea Lounge! It’s the lounge you know and love, revitalized for 2016.

✷Hookah Lounge✷
Whhoooo are yoouuuu? Come hang out in The Caterpillar Lounge, and sit underneath the larger-than-life mushroom! You’ll be sure to see it glowing from a mile away.

✷Yoga and Meditation✷
Whether you’re awaking from deep sleep, or haven’t closed your eyes since the night before, come join any morning at 9am for morning yoga adn meditation! Or if you just can’t get out of the tent in time, there will be many other opportunities throughout the weekend!

✷Healing Tent✷
The PANGEA Healing tent is an area of the festival dedicated to giving/receiving donation-based professional healing services.This year we are blessed to offer positions for bodyworkers, massage therapists, energetic healers, crystal therapists, ayurvedics, herbalists, energyworkers, and all those trained or certified in the healing arts and wanting to join in our event!

✷Campfire Jams✷
Dive back to to the fire where it all began. From the original Pangea today, humanity has come far, and it all began with the mastery of the flame. But in more recent history, JetLAG grew from a culture of acoustic jams around firepits, and we’ll be continuing the tradition with pits throughout the island

Ever wanted to play with fire, or dance with the staff? Come join for a intro spin class! Explore the many workshops we will be offering throughout the weekend (more info coming soon!)

✷Games Playground✷
Throughout the weekend we’ll be playing games at Pangea, and the nextdoor field. Join us for some mid-day Frisbee, or a game of campfire Mafia!


Big Mean Sound Machine’s music stimulates both your body and your mind! “This ensemble of 13 musicians bring together the musical languages of West Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America to create a lush bed of rhythm and harmony that embraces even the most hardcore fans of both Traditional Funk and Avant-Garde Jazz – and everyone in between! Anyone who has witnessed Big Mean Sound Machine live knows that their performances are among the heaviest and the sweatiest. ”

Flamingosis (the name comes from a free-style frisbee move that his father invented) is a New Jersey-based electronic music producer beatboxer, and DJ. Drawing on influences from producers such as Flying Lotus and J Dilla, as well as vintage funk and disco music.
Flamingosis creates engaging and soulful tracks and puts on an infectiously energetic live show.
With his new album “Great Hair” debuting as the #1 best-selling cassette album in all categories on Bandcamp, and over half a million plays of his slamming single “Football Head”, Flamingosis consistently creates music that will keep you hooked on his funkadelic vibes forever.

✷ Other performances will include live music acts in the style of avant-gard rock, acoustic singer song-writers, reggae, folk, and more. In true Pangea spirit, our musicians are coming from all over the world – Slovakia, Austria, Russia, US, and Canada to name a few!

✷ The stage will host impovistational jam sessions as well as campfire jams around the fire 🙂

✷ All musicians and experiments are welcome!


✷Updates on our current Lineup, Tickets, and how to Get Involved available here: http://www.pangeastage.com/ ۞

✷JetLAG Festival Website: http://jetlagfestival.com/index.php/en/

✷Official JetLAG Festival Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/914621878621806/


Questions, Comments, or Ideas?
Send a message to pangeastage@gmail.com!
You can also contact Alice Feldman directly on Facebook or by email at lisonok8@gmail.com

۞ And lest we not forget… We walked the land as nomads and spoke only the language of the Earth with our children. Our instruments strung across our backs, and our eyes burning with hunger, we had only one mission: to co-create this planet.۞


Address: 485 Banker Rd, Downsville

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