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New York: Brooklyn Brewery Defender IPA Pint Night!

October 07, 2015 at Barcade in New York.

A new Brooklyn Defender has been unleashed for this year’s New York Comic Con, and we want you to help welcome the newcomer to the taps. Join us at 6 PM for one of the first tastes of the new Brooklyn Defender IPA.

Get there early enough and you’ll get to keep your limited-edition Defender pint glass, so you can Defend Beer anywhere you go.

Address: 6 Saint Mark’S Pl, New York
Brooklyn Brewery Defender IPA Pint Night!

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October 07, 2015 at Nohra Haime Gallery in New York.


Opening Reception: Thursday, October 8, 2015

SOPHIA VARI’s newest series of works, IN RELIEF, will be on view at Nohra Haime Gallery from October 7 – November 14, 2015. The gallery will be celebrating Vari’s 100th international one-person exhibition.

IN RELIEF is a new challenge in Vari’s pursuit of texture, matter, shapes and spatial analysis. The idea of the relief has interested her since her first contemplations of the Acropolis’ pediments and friezes. This attraction began as a child, an instinctive proclivity towards Ancient Greece and its art and history, which also brought an interest in the plastic possibilities of marble.

The material chosen for these reliefs, epoxy, grants the artist a similar appearance to marble, while its physical characteristics provide a lightness and malleability full of possibilities. In MESSAGE DE L’INVISIBLE (2014), this flexibility allows Vari to treat the material as if it were marble and use it in the contours and indentations of the pieces, which open their way into the composition.

Vari combines her conceptual engagement with both painting and sculpture in these works, playing with the surface’s dimensions and allowing a different approach to the development of shapes in space. This kind of sculpting technique eliminates the complete flatness of painting and the individuality of sculpture, and instead borrows attributes from both, as we see in LES SONGES (2015).

Intricate forms interact with themselves, the space and the viewer in Vari’s work. L’ETENDUE DU SILENCE (2014) is a good example of the playfulness and liveliness she achieves using compositions in which shapes are pushed into the realm of dimensional space. The chosen color, white, is related to her fixation with marble, but its use is also due to the color’s composing ability through light and shadow. The shadows come deeper and stronger than with any other color, which requires shapes to be built cleanly and without imperfections because, in Vari’s words, “white forgives nothing.”

In these reliefs, we witness Vari’s emblematic maneuver of revealing each piece by itself in a subtle and clever manner. Her works are elegant, her shapes full of a distinct autonomous life. Just as in the Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike, they seem to be in a constant permutation with a sense of weightlessness and suspension, yet resolving space and structure with an imposing bearing.

Born in Athens in 1940, Sophia Vari attended the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris in 1958. She has 100 one-person exhibitions. Worldwide museum exhibitions include the Palazzo Vecchio, Florence; the Palazzo Bricherassio, Torino; The Ludwig Museum, Kombletz; the Pera Museum, Istanbul; and more recently, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Basil & Elise Goulandris Foundation, Andros. Outdoor solo exhibitions of Vari’s monumental sculptures have taken place in cities such as Paris, Rome, Montecarlo, Baden-Baden, Geneva, Pietrasanta, Athens, Madrid and Cartagena de Indias, among others. Sophia Vari currently lives and works in Pietrasanta, Italy.

DATES: October 7 – November 14, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION: Thursday, October 8 from 6 to 8 p.m.



NEW YORK, NY 10019

212-888-3550 FAX 212-888-7869

g a l l e r y @ n o h r a h a i m e g a l l e r y . c o m

Address: 730 Fifth Ave, New York

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Shelter Island Heights: CAMPSGiViNG 2015

November 27, 2015 at Quinipet Camp and Retreat Center in Shelter Island Heights.

This unique mini-camp opportunity CAMPSGiViNG will include, music, art, good food, chocolate tasting, bonfires, laughter & good friends – and friends you haven’t met yet!

We can’t wait to have fun with you. It’s especially for adults coping with life-threatening illness & trauma (wounded veterans).

That means survivors AND siblings AND parents AND spouses AND children of a parent who had/has a life-threatening illness or trauma. It’s also for those who are bereaved. Includes families of wounded veterans. *Teens are invited if they are accompanied by an adult

Includes meals, lodging, entertainment & activities. We are 100% run by volunteers.

A donation to KiDS NEED MORE is required upon registration as s commitment fee. There’s a suggested donation of $100 per person www.kidsneedmore.org

Sponsorship opportunities are available.

Address: 99 Shore Rd, Shelter Island Heights

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New York: Disney Movie Trivia

October 12, 2015 at Chelsea Grill of Hells Kitchen in New York.

“When you wish upon a star…,” your wish for Disney Trivia comes true!

Join us under the sea, before the stroke of midnight, in the Cave of Wonders and before the final petal falls for Disney Movie Trivia at Chelsea Grill of Hells Kitchen on Monday, October 12 at 8pm.
Questions will focus on Disney’s classic animated films, from 1937′s Snow White to Frozen. Now’s your chance to test your knowledge and re-live all your favorite moments.

For reservations to this event, visit; http://DisneyTriviaHK.Eventbrite.com

The best way to reserve tickets is by selecting a team captain and having them be in charge of tickets for ALL team members.

For example, if Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Goofy are on a team and Minnie Mouse gets put in charge, she will then reserve tickets for herself, Mickey, Pluto and Goofy = (4) in total.


We will send a confirmation email to everyone closer to the event.

And if you don’t win, hey, Hakuna matata — it’ll be fun no matter what!

Address: 675 9th Ave, New York
Disney Movie Trivia

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October 03, 2015 at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. of New York Events Page in New York.


This partnering non-profit organization follows the combined study recommended by Cayce to a Science teacher: “Science and religion are one when their purposes are one.… it (study of the light of the beginning) is the science of light.” (502-32). For information, contact: solministry@nyc.rr.com

Facilitator: Elyse Curtis, Ph.D.

Address: 241 West 30th Street, 2nd Floor, Buzz: 102, New York

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Freeville: ****Horse Back Scavenger Hunt****OCT 31st****RIDE IN COSTUME****

October 31, 2015 at Barton Valley Farm in Freeville.

October 31st
Ride the trails anytime between 9am and Noon
$30 per rider
If you would like to attend but cannot come until later just let us know!
Come join us on a mounted Halloween Scavenger Hunt!
The scavenger hunt will take place on many of our wooded trails used for the hunter pace. We will give you a sheet at the beginning of the marked trail that will list objects to look for. Now hunt carefully, the tricky ones are worth more points! When you find these hidden objects throughout the ride, simply “Capture” them with a picture. (so please bring your phone or camera). At the end of your ride we will look through your pictures and tally up your points. Prizes will be given to the top
6 scavenger teams or rider!!
****Riders and Horses that come in Costume will automatically begin their Hunt with 100 POINTS!****(per team or rider)

Address: 560 Irish Settlement Rd, Freeville
****Horse Back Scavenger Hunt****OCT 31st****RIDE IN COSTUME****

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New York: Queer Collage Party

October 21, 2015 at Bureau of General Services-Queer Division in New York.

Our first Queer Collage Party, organized by friend of the Bureau Paul VanDeCarr, took place at the Bureau in June, and it was such a hit that we’re doing it again! We provide the glue sticks and paper, you provide the pictures. Everyone who attends should bring at least one magazine or book or a bunch of pictures that you’ll contribute to the group. Each person can make their own collage(s), or team up with others! You can keep your own collage(s), but don’t expect to walk away with your magazine intact! The spirit here is fun and sharing. Attend for part or all of the evening. You are encouraged but not required to bring a little snack to share — chips, tangerines, grapes, hummus, whatever. We’ll have music playing (not live, though). Beer, wine, and sparkling water will be available for cash donations.

Facilitated by dear friend of the Bureau David Christie

Suggested donation of $5 to benefit the Bureau. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Address: 208 West 13th St Room 210, New York
Queer Collage Party

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Peekskill: Ray Blue Quartet

October 09, 2015 at BeanRunner Café in Peekskill.

“Ray Blue has a majestic presence…when playing, his sense of purpose is obvious. It’s one thing to be a good composer it’s another to be a great performer. Ray Blue’s got the whole package.” -Jean Szlamowicz, Jazz Hot, Down Beat.

Award winning, New York bred saxophonist, Ray Blue, brings his quartet to stage to create a deep, rich fusion of straight ahead jazz and African groove.

Ray has performed and recorded with Bernard Purdie, Patience Higgins, Steve Turre, The Sun Ra Arkestra, Cotton Club All Stars, Harlem Blues and Jazz Band and many others. He has toured as a cast member of the “Ray Charles Show”; performed at international jazz festivals including the Zanzibar International Film Festival; North Sea Jazz Festival-Cape Town, South Africa; Audi Jazz Festival-Brussels, Belgium; and the Foix Jazz Festival, France among others; and was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, 2013.

Admission: $10
For reservations, call 914-737-1701.

Address: 201 S Division St, Peekskill
Ray Blue Quartet

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Farmingdale: Understanding Gas Valves, Ignition Modules and Ignitors

November 11, 2015 at Johnstone Supply – New York & Connecticut in Farmingdale.

Seminar Outline:

GAS REGULATORS – Understanding The Components

SOLENOID VALVES – How They Operate

INLET & OUTLET PRESSURE CHECKS – Locating Pressure Taps, Understanding What The Pressure Means & How To Read A Magnahelic Gauge

MANIFOLD PRESSURE – Locating Pressure Taps, How To Read A Manometer

STANDING PILOT SYSTEMS – Gas Flow Diagrams (Internally Inside The Gas Valve), Basic Operation

FLAME – Thermocouples, Electrons & Operation, Seebeck Effect, Flame Sensing By Flame Rectification, How To Check Flame Rod Integrity

UNIVERSAL GAS VALVES – HIS/DSI Gas Valve Operation, Internal Wiring Diagram


NON-INTEGRATED CONTROLS – How They Work, Programming Keys, How To Find A Suitable Replacement, Intermittent Pilot Module, Direct Spark Module, Hot Surface Module, Typical Wiring Diagrams, Diagnostics, LED Fault Lights, Troubleshooting


INTEGRATED FURNACE CONTROL FOR SILCONE CARBON & SILICON NITRIDE – Terminal Designations, DIP Switch Settings, LED Fault Lights, Troubleshooting, Difference In Carbide & Nitride Controls

SILCON NITRIDE – Upgrade Applications, Installation Process, Installation Video

This popular class will be offered twice on Wednesday, November 11, 2015 – 8:00am To 10:00am & 10:30am To 12:30pm At The B&F/Johnstone Supply Training Center in Farmingdale.

Cost is a NON-REFUNDABLE $25.00 per person which includes continental breakfast and training materials.

Download Registration form here: http://bit.ly/1gyJUJC

Address: 135 Schmitt Blvd, Farmingdale
Understanding Gas Valves, Ignition Modules and Ignitors

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