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July 19, 2015 at The People’s Garden in Brooklyn.

**************AFTER POPULAR DEMAND!!!************
Consumata is coming at ya with a BBQ Bonanza! In conjunction with Lazy Sunday Garden Party! We’ve gathered some of the best musicians, artists, cooks, beer makers and overall GOOD PEOPLE to bring ya a Sunday filled with FUN!


3-4pm Isaac Gut

4-5pm Outlaw Ritual

5-6pm R-Tronika

6-7pm Consumata

8-9pm Radio Armada

9-10pm Penny Pollak (FIRE DANCER)


Pdrito Criollo will be spinning some dope tunes for ya to dance to!!!!

It’s an all ages BBQ
Bring your good friends! Bring food, bring games, bring smiles and WE’LL bring ya the rest!
********************* The People’s Garden******************
This space is a private space. Please, be respectful to the space and others inside and around the space.
Consumata Sonidera

Address: Greene Avenue and Broadway, Brooklyn

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Brooklyn: La película “En el Séptimo Día” presenta Una noche de documentales y Son Jarocho en Sunset Park

July 17, 2015 at St Jacobi Lutheran Church in Brooklyn.

La película “En el Séptimo Díapresenta
Una noche de documentales en Sunset Park

Viernes 17 de Julio a las 6:00 PM
En la Iglesia de San Jacobi
5406 4th Ave, Brooklyn

Chicano Ink (2014, 5 mins, USA. En español con subtitulos al inglés). Dirigida por Lindsey Cordero y Armando Croda. House of Ink no solo es un tattoo shop ubicado en Mount Vernon, NY, House of Ink es un hogar, una familia donde se junta una comunidad de chicanos y mexicanos que comparten su aficion por el arte, el tatuaje, el Lowrider y last tradiciones mexicanas.

En Medio del Agua (2011, 8 mins, México. En español con subtitulos al inglés). Dirigida por J. Xavier Velasco. En Veracruz, la devoción a la Virgen de la Candelaria está rodeada por un grupo de tradiciones de diferentes orígenes que dan vida a la celebración de Tlacotalpan: lugar entre las aguas.

La Boda (2000, 53 mins, USA. En inglés y español). La cámara de la realizadora Hannah Weyer sigue a Elizabeth Luis durante las semanas previas a su boda con Artemio Guerrero, intercalando historias cándidas que exploran la arquitectura de la familia de la futura novia. La boda presenta la eterna historia de la mujer que madura, al tiempo que confronta estereotipos negativos de la comunidad migrante y construye un puente entre países y culturas.

Con presencia de los directores para introducir y hablar de sus películas.

Al terminar la proyección nos acompañan “Zenén Zeferino y la Verdolaga en Playa” para una tocada de Son Jarocho.

Este es un evento gratuito abierto para todo el público.

Address: 5406 4th Ave, Brooklyn
La película "En el Séptimo Día" presenta Una noche de documentales y Son Jarocho en Sunset Park

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July 25, 2015 at Over the Eight in Brooklyn.

Darin and Evan are full of piss and vinegar. Oh, we got this podcast up, with more awesome “Virgin Chronicles” eps to come. See below! And, it’s gonna be a slammin’ show and the next 10 people to follow us on instagram AND twitter will get a FREE GIFT CARD at the end of the next show! We have a few newbies but not 10 newbies yet so hurry!
Darin Patteron and Evan Morgenstern host a night of FREE COMEDY and FREE CANDY and more FREE STUFF, featuring:
Brandon Scott Wolf, Gregory Joseph, Hilary Schwartz, Selena Coppock, JC Hendricks, and Chewy May!

Address: 594 Union Ave, Brooklyn

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Brooklyn: Spinach and ice cream show

July 16, 2015 at Brooklyn Heights Comedy Nights in Brooklyn.

July 16th is Fresh Spinach Day. Fortunately, all of July is National Ice Cream Month. Vegans and lacto-philes alike — come join us for comedy! Featuring:

Allison Castillo
Gerrit Elzinga
Brian Jian
Sooyah Jun
Peggy O’Leary

and your hosts: Shelly Colman & Dean Masello.

NO cover / NO minimum
Food and drinks available

Address: 71 Pineapple St, Brooklyn
Spinach and ice cream show

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Brooklyn: Brooklyn Solidarity Network General Meeting

July 14, 2015 at The Base in Brooklyn.

The Brooklyn Solidarity Network organizes around housing and workplace issues. We are not a charity or a service. We are a group of committed dissidents who are building a culture of resistance against the landlords and bosses in Brooklyn. A core function of the solidarity network is that as we help people, they join the network to help others. Through this method we can grow our strength exponentially. BSolid is an open network with many levels of involvement that anyone can plug into: from participating in pickets, to flyering, to educating.

This week we have updates and will flyer to get new campaigns!

Address: 1302 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn
Brooklyn Solidarity Network General Meeting

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Brooklyn: Hidden Roots Residency Night

July 30, 2015 at TBA Brooklyn in Brooklyn.

Join us on July 30th for the second installment of our residency at TBA Brooklyn

Hidden Roots is a collective of DJs, producers, photographers and artists based out of New York City who all share one thing in common, their love for electronic music. The group collaborated in 2012 and began to focus on establishing gatherings & festivities based solely upon the organic elements of a party. On these special nights they feature artists both local & abroad, who fill the room with the sounds of deep house and minimal house music

HR residents:

Da Groove
Mario Polanco
Pablo Romero

Address: 395 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn
Hidden Roots Residency Night

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Brooklyn: When Rasta Speaks.

July 25, 2015 at Magnolia Tree Earth Center of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Inc. in Brooklyn.

Jah Rootz Productions Presents
Word Sound And Power: When Rasta Speaks.
An evening of Dub and Spoken Word Poetry, With a serious Dialogue on the State of Rasta. To celebrate
H.I.M Haile Selassie I ቀዳማዊ ኃይለ ሥላሴ, Qädamawi 123rd spiritual Earth Strong.
On Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 7pm to 10pm
At The Magnolia Tree Earth Center
677 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216 ·
Featuring: Empress Omega Fruits, Burnett Coburn, I-Shine Grey,
Dave Britton, Kufunya Ife, Ras Takura Ras Atiba, Ras Osagyefo and
DJ Uncle Randy aka Randy Fagan spinning pure conscious music.
Donation $10. Doors open at 6pm
For info call (347) 403-8897, (718) 387-2116
Part of the proceeds will go towards the
The Magnolia Tree Earth Center, Inc. fundraiser.

Address: 677 Lafayette Ave, Brooklyn
When Rasta Speaks.

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Brooklyn: George Braziller

July 23, 2015 at Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn.

Thursday, July 23, 7:30 PM
George Braziller presents Encounters: My Life in Publishing
In conversation with Joel Braziller

In 1955 George Braziller founded his eponymous publishing house, following two decades of experience in the book business. In 2015, at the age of 99, Braziller has authored a memoir of his publishing experiences, which offers a window into the golden age of independent publishing. In Encounters, Braziller recounts his Depression-era childhood in Brooklyn, his political awakening with the Spanish Civil War, starting his own book clubs, his active duty in the European Theatre of World War II, and building his independent publishing company, George Braziller, Inc. In a series of candid, humorous vignettes, Braziller relates his experiences as publisher of literary figures like Orhan Pamuk and Jean-Paul Sartre, as well as encounters with Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso, and friendships with Arthur Miller, Marilyn Monroe, and many others who inspired him and enabled his publishing house to flourish. Braziller talks about his book and his life’s work with his son Joel Braziller, who now runs the publishing house along with his brother.

Address: 686 Fulton St, Brooklyn
George Braziller

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