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March 24, 2017 at Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo.


In celebration of Women’s History Month, Just Buffalo Literary Center welcomes legendary Irish novelist Edna O’Brien. O’Brien first gained notoriety with the publication of “The Country Girls” in 1960. The book was censored and the family’s parish priest public burnt copies. Despite all of the turmoil, the book was awarded the Kingsley Amis Award in 1962 and is now considered a landmark in post-World War II Irish fiction.

Ms. O’Brien, who left Ireland after the incident, will be in Buffalo for Just Buffalo Literary Center’s BABEL series on March 25th. She will talking about “Why Literature Matters” focusing on writers who have been particularly influential on her practice—Joyce, Dickinson, Faulkner—and how literature deserves a place in our daily lives.

Address: 3 Symphony Cir, Buffalo
Babel: Edna O

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