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August 09, 2016 at ShapeShifter Lab in Brooklyn.


Featuring: Noshir Mody (guitar), Mike Mullan (alto/tenor saxophone), Ben Hankle (trumpet/flugelhorn), Campbell Charshee (piano), John Lenis (bass), Kevin Bowden (drums)

Noshir Mody is a stimulating and creative fusion guitarist displaying a beautiful tone, versatility, and inventive ideas on his picturesque originals. Throughout his career, Mody has recorded consistently rewarding and thought-provoking sets of original music. His recent album Stories From The Years Of Living Passionately features five of his sophisticated compositions performed by a top notch quintet and has been nominated for Best Jazz Instrumental Album in the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards. Noshir Mody also received the GASC Outstanding Achievement In Songwriting Award for his composition “India” (album: Stories From The Years Of Living Passionately), in the instrumental category.

Mody’s ensembles deliver ethnic melodies delicately woven on jazz-rock structures. The music is served with a blend of virtuosity, creativity and inspiration and the experience carries listeners through a range of fiery passion and smoldering subtleties.

Address: 18 Whitwell Pl, Brooklyn
Noshir Mody Ensemble - Ethnic Jazz Fusion

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