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July 12, 2015 at Christ’s Church Albany in Albany.

Samson was a screw up. He was not supposed to touch dead things, he did. He was a womanizer. He was a passive-aggressive manipulator. He had a terrible temper. He was a liar. However, God made a promise that he would use Samson. Not only did God use him, but he used him after he was all washed up.

Some of us believe that because of the way we have lived that God has given up us, that we had our shot and blew it. God uses unlikely people.

Join us Sunday, July 12, as we welcome guest speaker Mark Wilkinson, Lead Pastor of Journey’s Crossing in Gaithersburg, MD as we learn about spiritual strength through the biblical story of Samson. As always, the Café will be open at 10:30 am, CCKids will be ready to give your littles a fun, interactive learning time of their own. We gather at 25 S. Allen St, Albany, (The Elks), located near the Madison/Western split.

Need more info? Feel free to message us through our page at Christ’s Church Albany, or click over to our website at http://christschurchalbany.org/#/attend.

Address: 25 S Allen St (The Elks), Albany
July 12: Samson, Hero? // Christ

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